Transforming Your Business Digitally

Infrism is a leading IT solutions hub, providing expert insights on working with clients’ business model and strategies, to help them make better decisions in business. We focus on providing high technical support with the best practices in the industry to let our clients cherish the benefits of modern lineaments in the IT sector. We will help you in finding out the apt IT solution for your business that will result in maximizing returns on your investment.

Our consultation process includes

IT Application Specifications

The stage involves the identification of client’s vision and objectives in business before procuring a new portal. The steps under the same includes-

  • Gathering required information.
  • Creation and modification of digital content
  • Web Design
  • App Design

IT Management and Support

The next step in the process is to provide you with reliable management support. Our consultants can help you in providing focused and fair advice for managing your IT business. Some of our services include:

  • Outlining business operations.
  • Architectural strategy.
  • IT System- Development and Review.
  • IT System functions.

IT Procurement

The last step in the process is dedicated to finally procuring of the IT material following our consultants advice. The steps involved-

  • Collecting information.
  • Managing the procurements.
  • Selecting the required products.
  • Legal and judicial help.

How we can cooperate

We can help you to choose cooperation model depending on your web development project size and your businessneeds. Request a quote to get a free consultation.

Dedicated R & D team

Dedicated R&D team

Set up your offshore team and get an instant access to rich pool of high-skilled software developers, web designers and QA who are dedicated only to your project.

Time and Materials

Time and Materials

Pay only for time spent on development. This model is used for projects where required efforts are hard to be estimated and enables you to add new features at any phase of the project.

Fixed Cost

Fixed cost

Fix the price and pay in accordance with an agreement. This model is suitable when you have clear software development requirements and specs, and are not going to change it during the project.