Real Estate

Real estate consulting services are designed to help companies turn complex business situations into gateways for evolution, opportunities, restoration and to make long term benefits.

Our specialists are well versed with the real play involved in real estate matters. Having deeper knowledge related to asset valuation, making decisions depending upon the changing scenarios at marketplace, we employ technology and analytics transforming the valuation process, improving benefits in your business.

Infrism, having excel in digital real estate solutions, offer innovative ideas on how to enhance the end result and deal with major issues related to market. Additionally, we provide our clients advice to market their inventory using latest technollogical advancements.

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Real Estate Consulting Services
The list of advance technology solutions for real estate sector-
  • Specialized solutions for brokers, lenders, and property holders and agents.
  • postings and listings of property under related categories.
  • lead generation services.
  • Advanced facilities for searching properties.
  • Notifications and listing facilities for properties.
  • Managing and advertising real estate web portals.
  • Technological intervention in real estate applications.
  • E-commerce integration with real estate websites.
  • Dedicated Software solutions for status-monitoring, broker statistics and auto-feedback.

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