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Facebook Advertising VS Google AdWords Which One is Better for Your business

Facebook Advertising VS Google AdWords: Which One is Better for Your business?

We all are aware about how beneficial it is to advertise a business via online platforms. One of the greatest advantages of online advertising for a business is its ability to target audience in specific segments. Probably this is what inclined most businesses towards online medium to advertise their brands. However, not all online platforms suit every business type. And so, it is very important to find that one online platform that can help you gain the required recognition for your brand.  

market your business

Talking about Facebook and Google AdWords, the two are the most applied forms of online advertising mediums. So much so that, the two platforms are often compared as competitors in the marketing world. A lot of businesses today are seen taking advantage of Facebook and Google advertising to improve their visibility, increase lead and sales, grab more consumers and adopting new strategies via different mediums to gain more returns on investment in business. thus, both the platforms are quite effective when it comes to market your business.

However, in this blog we will examine the strengths and drawbacks of both google AdWords and Facebook so as to help you make better decision while choosing one of them to market your brand.

Let us first start with understanding the concept of Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most popular and widely equipped PPC advertising platforms. It is a form of ‘paid search’ that works through targeting the right set of keywords or advertising using texts. Advertisers using google AdWords work through bidding on keywords i.e. the specific words and phrases that involves users’ entered search queries on google. Every time a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser is charged with pre-decided amount of money, which is why it is called pay-per-click advertising. The type of advertising helps advertisers gain more users for the brand and thus fulfil the need to market it.  

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Also termed as ‘paid social’ is a great source of advertising your brand via social networks. Facebook for being one of the most equipped social media platforms is one great place to advertise your brand. Millions of people are there on it and like to use it on every basis that make it a lucrative platform to advertise businesses.

While both the platforms, Facebook and Google AdWords are meant to promote and advertise businesses using internet, the ways in which they do that is completely different. On one hand, google AdWords that boosts the use of keyword to find customer, while on the other hand there is Facebook that advertises business based on customer behavioral patterns, things that users are interested in.

Facebook or Google AdWords: Which is Better?

One cannot deny the fact that Digital Marketing services has successfully established its roots in the world of business marketing of which Facebook and Google AdWords are the current trending players. Both are different yet effective in their own ways. While one is a unique concept of ‘paid search’, another works incredibly with its ‘paid social’ tag that can help you reach your consumers via implausible social networks. Therefore, the best advise would be to make balanced use of both ‘paid search’ and ‘paid social’ for your business.

Going by the current wave of innovation and developing strategies in the world of online marketing, utilizing the little bit of both for a business would help gaining better returns. However, to gain maximum benefits with the dual advertising strategy make sure that you stay consistent with your marketing efforts for that can affect your brand image in the mind of consumers.

The Final Verdict

While Google Ads will help you find new customers and good returns instantly, Facebook ads will make more customers find and explore your brand that in long run will improve your ROI.  While choosing the one to market your brand depends a lot on your budget and type of business. Whereas, if the budget allows choosing to have a marketing campaigns that involves both Facebook and google AdWords in equal combination would definitely be of great advantage.

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