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Is Your Brands Website Up To Latest Web Standards

Is Your Brand’s Website Up To Latest Web Standards?

In current global market space, capitalizing in your business through just making a digital presence is not enough. In order to utilize the opportunity and captivate real profits, one needs to focus on technical and interactive capacity of a website.

Unfortunately, today internet is swarmed with poorly designed websites. These websites majorly misses on the vitals of designing and development. While one can reason developer’s lack of skills for it, clients make an equal contribution towards the current outbreak in web development with their limited knowledge and unrealistic expectations with the design.

To deliver successful digital results, a website must be engaging and offer dynamic user experience. Yes, the designing process do involve graphics but it is way more than that. To optimize your site successfully, apart from providing sophisticated infrastructure to your site cater it with effective SEO functionality that must be developed and tested before its goes Online.

With 2020 approaching fast its time for developers to up their game with designing websites raising the bar with acceptable industry standards. Here are some non negotiable standards for developers to implement while designing a website.


Responsive – users on web are impatient, they are not willing to wait long for you website to load. Therefore, design your site with fast loading time for users to access it promptly even on slow speed mobile devices. To make sure your website is working faster you can use Pingdom or Pagespeed Insights by Google to check the speed for your website and to determine where and how much it needs to improve.

Mobile Friendly – most of the people these days utilize smart phones to access web. Therefore, getting your website a mobile friendly design will make it more accessible for users to visit your website whenever they want and from wherever they are!

Website Tracking – While it is important to provide your website with the best features. It is also important to analyse its performance. Enabling tracking to your website is the best way to determine if your website is performing the way it should. The design you finalize for your website should include functionality to indicate key factors like its traffic, objectives and conversions.

SEO Friendly – One of major factors that determines success for your website is the amount of SEO friendly it is. Developing compelling content, including all important on-page SEO tags and elements like schema and XML site maps will hep you optimize your website for search engines.  

CMS – CMS or content manage system is a powerful exponent when it comes to captivating your audience.

Consistently publishing original content can help you accumulate  invaluable, long-term digital marketing momentum for your website. Therefore, make sure to include a back-end Content Management System in your site’s design so clients can post and edit content as per their requirement.

Social Media

Social Media – one cannot underestimate the power of social media. Social media platforms with its vast reach and connect can help you improve your visibility and grab more traffic which is highly favorable for your brand. Linking them with your website will help you broaden your brand’s reach and allow users to quickly access your website. Therefore, while designing your website make sure that you integrate all relevant social media platforms with it.  

Security – While the Internet has revolutionized business communications, the convenience it offers come at the price of new perils. Without any online defense, you leave your website exposed to fraud. Therefore, make sure that your design includes fundamental security and privacy protocols, such as basic security checks for client’s data etc.

Progressive Web design – Involving progressive web app design to your website can help you make an impact on your consumers. Progressive web apps is basically the mix of best features of both web and mobile apps. Designing using this hybrid approach will render features such as splash screens, push notifications and animated page transitions etc to your brand’s website.

Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence – AI or artificial Intelligence and machine learning are no more the subjects of future. Business have started utilizing them for increasing their ROI. Employing them for your website can do wonders for your website when it comes to grabbing more users attention towards it. These adding AI tools to your web design will make your business platform more accessible for users.

To Sum Up

Keep in Mind, a perfectly designed website is not about grand gestures over overtly designed labels. With the upcoming year 202o, shift your focus towards developing a website with simple, yet functional and futuristic designs keeping these non negotiable standards in mind. Successfully implementing these guidelines can help you make significant impact in your business and grab optimal ROI.

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