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Search Engine Optimization Top 5 Tips You Must Follow in 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fast-paced and vibrant field. But it’s also more complicated than before in 2020.

At present, with just building links, producing any old content, and adding some keywords, you can’t hope to make your organic search rankings better, and boost the visibility of your business or brand.

Now you must stay well-updated and learn endlessly. You must have new SEO strategies, to stay on the top in the rankings in Google and other search engines, in 2020 and beyond.

But your strategy this year and beyond mustn’t be restricted to ONLY being found on search engines, and move traffic to your website. You must put out all stops to offer an exciting experience and generate leads and revenue.

How to do that?

Well, follow these tips, to stay relevant and on top of the game!

  1. Create links to other websites with related content.

  2. Create content for human beings first, search engines afterward.

  3. Encourage other reliable sites to link to you.

  4. Use web analytics.

  5. Draft only-one-of- its- kind and relevant meta descriptions for each & every page.

  6. Study and know about the different rising trends (voice search), Technological advancements (machine learning), Algorithmic changes, and your viewers (their behavior & hopes).

Search Engine Optimization: Top 5 Tips to Follow in 2020

Now the tips in detail!

1. Figure Out what’s On Your Customers’ Radar!

Figure Out what’s On Your Customers’ Radar!

To optimize your website figure-out what your customers are actually looking for.

Sounds too difficult? But it’s not! With a little effort, you can easily do that.

Let’s say–for instance–that you have a gym in London. In such a case, your customers would, perhaps, hunt for stuffs, such as ‘Gym in London’, ‘Bodybuilding in London’, ‘London Fitness center’, etc.

Prior to you do anything else, think about what your customers could be hunting for, and jot down your ideas in a notepad. You may even ask them straightforwardly.

No need to go deeper! A few ideas will be more than enough.

2. Make Pages Well Optimized for Internet Search

Keyword research is just the initial step towards attracting more organic search traffic.

On‐page optimization is the subsequent step in your SEO strategy.

Even focusing on the most beneficial keywords with high quality content won’t help you, if your pages aren’t optimized, or poorly optimized for the search engines.

Also ensure that your pages are structured well, and make the person searching happy, to find a place on top for the specific keywords you chose.

Ideally, your optimization efforts should begin with making certain that your visitors get pleasure from your website’s user experience (UX).

Create designs and typography that make it easy to use the content, and do away with all jarring, needless elements, like pop-ups, opt-in boxes, etc.

Besides these:

  1. Employ short, explanatory URLs

Your web page’s address sends a signal to the search engines about its subject. Don’t change it, if possible. Get this right the first time itself.

As per Google, a site’s URL structure must be uncomplicated. Arrange your contents so that URLs are constructed rationally and in a way that humans have no problems figuring it out.

  1. Make persuasive meta titles & descriptions

The title tag offers an exciting opportunity to create a headline with the keyword you want the page to occupy a high rank for, and is rather compelling to inspire searchers to click and check your website.

  1. Utilize headers & sub headers to come up with a rational structure

  2. Optimize images

Make use of images to assist your guests decode your content better. Introduce screenshots with examples, if appropriate. Don’t forget to have an appropriate name, ALT tag, and description with every image. Using attractive captions for your pictures–to explain with text about your image–is also an idea worth following. When you do SEO for your images, you also boost your chances of occupying a high rank in the Google Images.

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly

Google has BIG plans for inducing websites to shift to a mobile-friendly podium. Its mobile ranking algorithm incorporates usability features. Websites with a mobile edition will be labeled as such, and get higher positions in the Search Engine Result Page rankings (SERPs) for mobile search questions.

3. Ensure Both Search Engines & Humans Can Access Your Website with Ease

While doing SEO, never forget that that you’re working for two distinct entities–your readers who are humans, and the bots the search engines employ to give your website a rank.

Even as bots are gaining intelligence and developing human-like attributes, the two are still different in several manners. Given this, generate a positive experience for both.

How to do that?


  1. Make certain that your website loads swiftly

Both humans and search engines prioritize the loading speed of websites. As high as 40% of the entire visitors ignore those websites that take 3-plus seconds to load.

  1. Make certain that your website is mobile-friendly

As per a study, over 60% of the total searches done presently are from mobile gadgets.

  1. Make a sitemap

It’s an XML file which lists every page on your site. Search engines employ it to locate your content and figure-out how your pages are connected–that’s to check the general structure of your website.

4. Build Backlinks from Other Websites

Build Backlinks from Other Websites

Link building matters. You can improve your SEO strategy’s success with clever link building. Hence, in case you’re all geared-up to spend time and funds on producing content, also be fully geared-up to promote and create links to your pieces.

Showing backlinks influences Google’s ranking algorithms.

But don’t link out to bad websites! You could be penalized for this.

Yes, never place links to punished or unassociated websites! When you link out to a specific website, it means you are endorsing it in a way, and showing that you trust it as a right resource.

So, study the website you want to link to, and make a decision if it’s helpful.

5. Post Exceptional Content

Content is King–it’s the most crucial element of your website. But your king must be outstanding so that you can rule with its help. Yes, without good content, you can’t rank occupy a high spot in the search rankings!

It’s vital that your blogs/articles aren’t only well written but these also offer real, tangible value to your readers. Google prefers longer articles and posts that engage, with comments, for instance. It gives more credit to such pieces. Google Panda may penalize your website for short blogs/articles that don’t serve any purpose and don’t present anything new.

So, try to engage your readers, inspire them to share their thoughts. Besides, also make certain that you aren’t discussing the same subject over and over again, lest your site begins to appear like a content directory.

So, these, in short, are the top 5 Search Engine Optimization tips you must follow in 2020 and beyond.

Check with InfoSpry—your trusted and reliable digital partners—to stay ahead in the search engine rankings! They have what it takes to help you rule the rankings in 2020 and beyond.

All the best!

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