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Top 5 Web Design Trends to Boost Sales

Top 5 Web Design Trends to Boost Sales

We all are heading towards the final chapter of the year 2019 and its time to discuss the changes and the improvement in web designing made so far. While your website may look professional and is also embedded with all social proofs of your brand getting honored with consumer satisfaction stories, you might be overlooking some of the crucial aspects in your web design that can affect sales of your brand. Web designs are idealized to be the balanced combination of aesthetics and technology. However, the ideal is what we witness very rare. On some days, designers were seen pushing on a creative stride, focusing on photos with vibrant illustrations, bold color schemes and asymmetrical layouts and on other days the stride got directed towards technological advancements that have led websites becoming smarter with machine learning and those evolving paradigms in web sphere. Therefore, it is high time that we should strive for a balance in web design.

Given below are the top 5 web design trends that can help you achieve the purpose.

The Negative Space

The Negative Space

Also called as the white space is the empty space between different elements on a web page, like the space between header and content. The more the negative space, the better it is for your website, as it allows users to focus on more important content in a better way. You can also use it to make user focus on the content which is directed to make or demands maximum readability.

Increasing Use of Chatbots

Although a lot of businesses have started incorporating chatbot service in their websites, there is still need to put the focus on this one. Especially now when the advancements are taking place due to machine leaning and AI have made the system all more efficient. The newer chatbots offers a lot of options to customize, like making chatbots in bright colors or allotting a person’s face to it will make it more engaging which is good for making sales.

Choose F-Pattern For Content

Users prefer reading content from left to right starting from the top of the screens. While moving their eyes further down the page, the process remains same i.e. left to right, the only excluding thing is the reading gets less while going down. So while they reach the bottom spot, the area that gets the least visibility is the bottom right. The movement of eye by online users resembles the ‘F’ shape and hence it is called F-pattern. Hence while implementing F-pattern for your website, it is important to keep in mind to keep the most important elements say what makes users to take an action on top left space so it can get the maximum clicks and hence more conversions.

More Video Content

More Video Content

You don’t need a proof to conclude that videos grab more attention from users that the written content for is easier to go through and has a touch of entertainment to it. Video content helps in diversifying the content on web page and caters well to the people who remain on the go and don’t have enough time to go through a lot of text. Also, now that Google too have started prioritizing the the website with video content in its searches, it is probably more beneficial to include more videos on your web page. The same will grab more user attention and definitely boost your sales.


Micro -interaction has possible major role to play when it comes to engage consumers on web. Micro interactions are basically the surprising elements or small interactions meant to invite and involve consumers.  Like for example twitter makes a beep sound whenever the users refreshes the page, that beep is micro interaction similarly on Facebook your must have seen the notification count in red color that is also micro interaction. Adding such micro interaction elements to the website makes it more smarter and users look forward to scroll it more and that can possibly improve your profits.


Now that the list of features for an effective web design is out, hopefully  these will help businesses take some help and develop a website that would help them in increasing their conversion rate.


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