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What You Didnt Know about Social Media Optimization 4 Most Important Secrets

What You Didnt Know about Social Media Optimization 4 Most Important Secrets

Most Digital Marketing experts will tell you that if you use the amazing powers and vast reach of social media, you can write many new and successful chapters in your Digital Marketing story.

But not many of them will maybe tell you about what I am going to discuss here below. Perhaps, because they might themselves not know about these; or maybe, they may not want to share such priceless industry secrets, for certain reasons best known to them.

But before we dive deep into the ocean of Social Media Optimization (SMO) secrets, and reveal some of the most important secrets to you, let’s first find out what SMO is!

It’s a kind of Internet Marketing Optimization (IMO) where you make efforts to boost your presence on the social media, to get the best possible results out of your brand’s presence there.

It starts right with you establishing some new targets and coming up with a social media plan. It, afterwards, covers every element of fine-tuning your social accounts, comprising paid social ads, to the stage where you examine your social performance, and make any required amendments, to make your future results better.

You make use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to make certain that a high number of visitors can find the links to your website, when they make use of the search engines.

But when you use SMO, you are basically making efforts to make your social profiles and activity better, to reach a high figure of your target viewers, through social media.

Frankly, the two phrases are inter-linked. Several of the methods you utilize in SEO also help in SMO, and likewise. In both the situations, you are sparing no efforts to get the most out of your marketing expense.

Now the top SMO secrets!

Here we go!

Social Media Optimization Secrets: 4 Most Important You Didn’t Know Earlier

1. Perfecting Your Profile Is Important

Perfecting Your Profile Is Important

It’s easy to create your social profile, right? Wrong! It’s one of the first areas where you may falter.

How to not fail?

Well–to begin with–fill out the profile information completely. Search engines favor the profiles that have all the necessary data required. Since it also creates a more professional interrelated experience for others in your network, make certain that each and every contact data in your social profiles are precisely the same as found on your website.

In certain manners, your social accounts are your marketing assets. Much like the majority of assets, if you treat them well, and manage them with care, they may become more valuable. However, if you ignore and/or mishandle them, they will become useless gradually.

Your social profiles are central to this. A nicely written and agreeably designed profile will make your marketing drive successful. A profile that doesn’t have a persuasive copy, is laced with typos, and has a pathetic design, will leave a poor impression on your guests.

The value of using SEO, to optimize the copy on your website, is well known. The words that you use on your site convey your message, and in case you focus on some particular keywords, you may occupy a high position for them in Google and other search engines. With SMO on your profile, you can taste the same degree of success with your social accounts.

Perhaps, you could be enticed to ignore your social profiles, believing nobody would read them. But–much like the ‘About Us’ page that most visitors to your site visit first–your social profiles are actually the opening point of call, for numerous guests to your social accounts. Actually, your social profiles are the base on which you develop what remains of your social marketing.

Here, we are talking about the business pages. Some differences are there from how you would build your personal social profiles (which are equally vital from a personal branding approach).

2. Optimizing Your Content Helps

Sharing content is the gas that powers your social media presence. But some–if not all–firms don’t focus on this crucial element of SMO. They make attractive social profiles, and then take it easy, not doing anything else. The result, of course, is predictable: no gains with such firms grumbling about their failures with social marketing.

So, if you have been making such a mistake, it’s high time you made some much needed ‘corrections’ in this direction, by sharing and optimizing your business’ content on the social networks.

Share two kinds of content on the different social media platforms: Original content involving your business, and Curated content–valuable stuffs you come across online that will help your followers.

Make original content a part of specific marketing drives. Also, use it to prop-up your other online content–your blog posts, articles, podcasts, and infographics, etc. Create original content–in the form of graphics or videos–to share updates related to your business, or to talk about an approaching sale, for instance.

Important: share content that’s helpful for your followers. The curated content you share must follow this idea. Don’t only re-tweet random links, until and unless there’s a crystal-clear link between the stuffs you share and your readers. Besides, it would be great if you add a comment/observation to the curated content that you share.

3. Using Branded Cover Images is the Key

The cover image is usually the first thing a visitor to your site sees when s/he visits your page. So, leave a good impression with it! Exploit this chance to put across your brand messaging to your present and potential followers/clients.

Make use of suggested size guides for each platform, to make certain that your cover image is nicely formatted and properly exhibited. Also, utilize appropriate and unforgettable professional images.

4. Aligning SEO Keywords and Social Media is the Game Changer

Aligning SEO Keywords and Social Media is the Game Changer

In case you are keen to make the most of the exposure of your social media profiles, you need to know that keywords play an incredibly powerful role. If you’re not optimizing your profiles–the way it should be–you’re helping your rivals/competitors.

Structure your keywords, and insert key phrases into your social profiles, in a perfectly natural manner. These shouldn’t look intentionally stuffed.

In case you efficiently use your keyword or phrase in your profile or page name, it will help it to occupy a high position in the keyword searches on Google and other search engines, and also inside the social network search.

Earlier, the difference between SEO and social was quite clear. When searchers visit Google or Bling or any other search engines, they’re aggressively seeking answers or solutions to their difficulties.

However, when searching through social media, any post your business puts, is potentially just inactively reaching the users. It’s something presented to them as they’re already doing anything else they came to that forum to do.

But–at present–more Internet visitors than before are searching, vigorously, on the social media, using hashtags and trending topics, and when they do that, they aren’t interested in just an answer; they are keen to have a fruitful talk also.

What does it mean?

It signifies not only increased opportunities for marketers, to figure-out about your target audiences–straight from their own experiences. It also signifies there’s more statistics now that you may utilize to inform your keyword research, and produce more helpful, engaging & targeted content, for your prospects and clients.

In a nutshell, perfecting your profile, optimizing your content, using branded cover images, and aligning SEO Keywords and Social Media are certain things you must do for a highly successful SMO exercise.

These are the top 4 SMO secrets about which you, perhaps, didn’t know before. However, now since you know about them, use them to beat the competition, and take your business to great heights.

Check with the experienced and trusted SMO and digital marketing agencies–such as InforSpry–if you want great results!

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