Google Ad words Merits for An E Commerce Business

Google Ad-words Merits for An E-Commerce Business 

Are you willing to get your e-commerce business an identity of its own ? Do you know how to win over your competitors? 

Well, Google Ad-word is the best way to get ultimate success for your online business. 

Google ad words is basically a form of paid advertising on google, also denoted as pay per click. It works pretty simple – users on web uses keywords to search for products and services on web. If the keywords you have used for your ad matches with what people searched for then your paid ad will organically appear on the google result page. If the user click that ad, they will reach your website and will get to know about your products that might interest them to even make the purchase. 

Why Choose Google Adwords for E-Commerce Business?

As you know, google is one of the leading search engines utilized by a lot of people around the globe. Therefore, giving ads on google sponsored ad section makes one heck of a deal, for the space get exposed to large masses. Google is very popular among consumers as well. So, if you are in E-commerce business then focusing on providing google ads on the buyers section will definitely be a great idea. Apart from that, Google Adwords have some other benefits too –

  • Enables You to Measure Results 

One of the most incredible advantages of marketing through google Adwords is that you can actually measure the results. Although all the online marketing mediums are measurable but google Adwords enables you to make the exact measurements. For example, like in SEO (search engine optimization) measurements you can’t predict what actually lead to the increase and decrease of the website rankings. Whereas, on the other hand PPC metrics in Google Adwords enables you to determine even the minute details of what has worked and what not.   

It can easily help you estimate if the marketing campaign is benefiting your online business or not.

  • Cost Effective Means of Marketing

Another major factor that makes Adwords better than other marketing mediums is that it is extremely cost effective. Google Ad words Payment works according to PPC (pay per click) rule i.e you just pay only when someone clicks your ads. For the same you can choose to set your budget from $10 per day to $500 per day, whatever suits you. However, the advantage in case of Ad word campaign is that the cost per click gradually decreases over time which means you will get more traffic without even increasing your marketing expenditure.

  • Directly Targets the Right Kind of Audience

Google Ad-words Merits for An E-Commerce Business

Google Ad word enables you to maximize your returns on investment through targeting the right kind of audience. The targeting capabilities with Google Adwords are quite advanced that enable advertisers to fine tune their ad word campaign on the basis of following different categories. 

  • Location – Location targeting your google ad words means targeting audience under specific geographic locations. It means you can select specific location where your ad will be shown, be it entire country or in some areas within the country, cities, states or even any smaller location. 
  • Mobile – Keeping up with the increasing usage of mobile devices among public, google Adwords provides you opportunity to target the right audience through the right medium. Advertisers can now get their google ads customized to grab user attention while they view their ads through mobile device.   
  • Language – With google Adwords you can target your audience in 40 different languages. You can choose to provide your ad in the language that your target audience speaks. 
  • Time – Not just location, you can also choose to provide your google ad words for specific hours during the day. These hours can be the prime time when your targeted audience stays online.

Google Adwords for E-Commerce Business

Let You Compete with Your Competitors

We all witness the increasing competition among various brands on a number of platforms everyday. The same has reached the online space and google ad words provides the most effective solution for the same. Adwords can help you outrank the competitor you think shares your perspective sales. With Google Adwords you can choose to adjust your bid to outrank the specified competition in the auction. It can help you get better position against your competitor. 

Concluding Note

Taking the above information into consideration, it is important for an e-commerce business operator to clear the thoughts and find out an effective solution to reach out to the target audience. Although there are a lot of options available for business operators to market their brand, google ad words is one option that along with increasing the
visibility of brand, brings in immediate results.

Rank Top on Google 3 Secret Ways

Rank Top on Google – 3 Secret Ways

Google is one of the most popular search engines, equipped for over 85% of total desktop searches made by the users. Therefore, marketers with the intent to grab more user attention, look forward to get to the top google rankings with their website. Being at the top position of the first page on google search makes a lot of difference. It helps in increasing the visibility for your website and will enable you to get more click through rates (CTR). Thus, if you top google ranking, it will be a great opportunity for you and your business. 

Now the question is how to reach to the top ranking on google? Also, how to maintain the top position? The solution is Search engine optimization (SEO), a digital marketing technique. Taking the advantage of google algorithms, SEO can help you reach the top position on the world’s largest search engine. However, reaching the top does not mean that the job is over, as staying on top is equally important. Infact, you can call your website is truly optimized only when it gets you the top position on google and help you stay there. 

Search Engine Optimization – A Work in Progress

A lot of marketers enter the world of SEO keeping the high hopes of getting into the top searches on google, grabbing more user attention and generating huge benefits in their business but little did they know that “SEO is not just a good day’s work, but to keep up the good work!”. It is an on going process where marketers work hard to reach the top and even maintain the position. This is because you have competition increasing everyday around you who are also trying to reach the top position on google plus google too is changing its practices and algorithms everyday. Thus, if you are willing to enjoy benefits of SEO in your business then it is important that you keep working on it. 

Reaching in Top Rankings on Google

With the increasing competition and google’s ever advancing Top Rankings on Googleparadigm, marketers are seen struggling to get the top spots for their websites on google. Of course, search engine optimization can be the way but only if it is done in the right way. One of the major reason why marketers do not get to place their website in the top searches on google even though they opted for SEO services is because not everyone is doing it right!

SEO involves a lot of components, every component has its own fundamentals, its actually pretty much a big picture. Also, there always something to learn or advance when its comes to google and its algorithms. Therefore, keeping up with the SEO technicalities in such a complex scenario is definitely not a cakewalk. 

Given below are the 3 secret SEO practices for you to achieve top ranking on Google.

Original Content and Realistic Keywords

One of the most important factors that can contribute towards your desire to achieve the top ranking on google is to have quality content for the website. The copy on your website should be original, understandable and efficient in order to grab maximum user attention. Along with that, you need to be very practical with the keywords. After all, it is going to be the way users are going to find you on google. Choosing the right set of keywords further requires you to focus on a number of factors including –

Keyword Research – Make sure you use keywords that are on high usage by the users on web. 

Density – Google does not support the idea of keeping the content dense with keywords. Keep it less or just 2% of the entire content to make it more clear. 

Positioning – keywords placement is another point of effect that needs to be paid attention, for they can turn out to be effective only when placed at the right places like in page headers and subheadings.

URL – Ensure that the keyword is in the URL of all your pages to get the effective results.

You can also hire professional marketing company to get you the best copy for your website, deriving the best output for your keywords alongside.  

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

A website has two faces one is the on page, the interface and another is off page, the real playground for SEO professionals. Both of them holds great importance when it comes to optimizing your website for the top positions on google. 

On-Page SEO is basically associated with the website architecture. It is very important for any business to have an attractive and well displayed website for as they say ‘what is seen is sold’, also people analyze about your business or services through your website. Optimizing different parts of your website can affect your search engine rankings. On page SEO includes a lot of different aspects like title tags, headings, URL structure, ALT text for images, page content, page load speed etc. 

Off-Page SEO lends a way to focus on increasing the accessibility of your domain through the act of getting links from other websites. However, the result you are going to get depends on the quality of link and not the quantity. Therefore, professional ask to create quality content as it makes people link with your website and that is valuable. Apart from that, there are different way to get quality links like through social media share, sending direct e-mails to influencers and guest blogging.

Therefore, on-page and off-page SEO works together to get your website top rankings on google following the technical way.

Boost Online Presence

Increasing your website’s online presence offers a great way to connect with the audience. “The more people arrive your website the more are the chances of getting it in the top rankings”. For the purpose, you can utilize the benefit of social media. Sharing the link of your website on social platforms including Facebook,Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn would get you greater visibility and ultimately affect your google ranking. However, try to be regular with the updates, try to do one post everyday. You can post anything be it business update, product news,pictures or videos. Apart from that encourage people to share it and always reply to the comments.

Last Good Words

Lastly, Search engine optimization is essential to market your website and can turn out to be a cornerstone for your desire to achieve google’s top rankings. “It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” – Jill Whalen (@jillwhalen),


How is Machine Learning and IOT Transforming Digital Platform

How is Machine Learning and IOT Transforming Digital Platform

We all live in a digital world. We have internet that simplifies almost every aspect of our life. To socialize we have facebook, instagram, twitter etc, for work we have email, skype, power point and various other multimedia technologies. However, Internet today is no longer limited to the information exchange game. IoT (Internet of things) has stepped in to transform the existing digital scenario. The potential of IoT and the technologies associated with it have made and is still making major change, not just in terms of businesses and the entrepreneur models but within the society driving it into more networked era. The concept of IoT is positively shaping human life into more automated world, proposing the interconnection of devices to simplify many daily chores. Infact, the innovation offers wider scope to enhance the quality of life in all major prospects.

Internet of Things – Lets Explore

What if you have a way to convey your coffee maker to keep your coffee prepared before you reach home after a long tiring day at work? Well, yes it is possible with the fast pace transformations taking place on the digital platform! Machine learning or IoT have wrought major change in the way we operate today. The trend has started to seep in almost every domain of the digital world. It is the process with greater connectivity and impressive functionality that help add more ease to human life. In simple words, IOT have made everything more smart be it traffic lights or refrigerators at your home. It has interconnected the devices and people through embedded sensors and collected data so you can automate the mundane jobs of your life and focus on more productive things. 

Benefits of IoT and Machine Learning

Benefits of IoT and Machine Learning

  • IoT has proposed an effective communication system between devices like connecting your air conditioner with your mobile phone that enables you to operate your AC at home from wherever you are. The same has improved the living conditions and boost efficiency.
  • The automated communication between machines enables you to perform faster and save time. 
  • With the transforming digital platform you will now have more control on the things around you like you can switch off the coffee maker from your car if you have forgotten to do that at home. 
  • Another major advantage of IoT is that you can monitor things in a better way. Lets say if you are running low on kitchen supplies, knowing it before hand would save you another trip to mart.
  • Allowing the appliances to communicate with each other, IoT makes it even more advantageous through conserving energy and saving cost. 
  • Connecting all the devices, the digital innovation offers more convenience, control and management, thus improving the overall quality of life.

Future ProspectusBenefits of IoT and Machine Learning

The advent of IoT has not just revolutionized the digital scenario but has turned it upside down. Internet made it easier to communicate with our loved ones, however IoT made it possible to connect with our devices at home and even control them. Not just that, one can even conduct health checkups via remote monitoring of patients and production of goods, manufacturing facilities etc using the latest machine learning processes. Therefore, IoT proves to have immense potential benefiting the human society. The technology renders great possibilities for today and even for future. Bringing in major technological transformation, it would be even more exciting to see what the current technological upgradations or the IoT holds for us
in Future.