Dont Just Survive Try to Thrive with Your Business

Don’t Just Survive, Try to Thrive with Your Business!

Today, we have reached the digital era and yet there are businesses that are trying to survive without using web. No wonder, these businesses are not gaining enough profits! After all most of them have still not considered getting on the online trend.

The inability to adapt latest technology trends and measures is one of the major reasons why most enterprise leaders are missing something very significant to their business which is also going to affect the future of their work. We have reached the age of digital transformation, where there is technological overload, however businesses are still trapped in traditional ways to grab leads.

To bring the legacy business into the digital era, entrepreneurs need to replace the old rules with new ones. Today, if you want to reach the heights of success in your business, you need to mark your online presence through having a website or an app in order to drive more leads and sales. After all, if you are having a business then why just survive, try to thrive and make more profits!

Given below are some of the ways how you can achieve success using your website or marking your online presence-

Easy to Access Contact Information

One of the major reasons why one would like to take the business online is to increase its clientele. If you want same to happen to you then you should make it easy for visitors to contact you. Make sure that they don’t need to shuffle through 5 tabs in order to find your contact information.

Social Media

Your website must offer your clients the easy way to contact you. In addition to that, you can also provide a call to action button which might say “schedule now” or a contact form to reach out for any query. The accessible information from your side will allow minimal effort from visitors side and so there are more chances for them to contact you for your services.

Choose a Responsive Design For Your Website

In current age of digitalization, businesses are not limited to desktop websites. Most of them are trying to take over to the mobile space, as almost half of the world’s population owns smartphones these days. Getting your responsive website to smartphones would ensure that the major part of population is going to view your website through smartphones, which will be beneficial for gaining your business more leads and profits.  

Not just for smartphones, a responsive design for website responds to every device it is executed on. 

Inform Them About Yourself

One of the best ways to establish personal connect with the audience is through letting them know about yourself, your brand and business.

Most of the brands today are seen trying to follow the modern minimalistic approach, providing just a little information about themselves. As a result, visitors get confused and end up leaving website and abandoning the brand. This is why it is important for a business to provide enough information on the website, may be a small yet detailed summary regarding their brand and what it has to offer to the users.

The information regarding the brand is usually providing in “home” page or the “about us” page on the website. Providing information about yourself does not mean bombarding users with useless details just to make your website look fuller, it means providing a short history of how you started, what you do, followed by the list of services you provide.  

Leverage Social Media to Gain More Business


Today, when everybody is wearing their competitive gears, just having a website is not enough. You need to make sure that you mark required visibility on web and grab more attention in order to thrive with your business. And for the purpose, nothing can work better than social media. There are a lot of social platforms to choose from including Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You can use all of them if you want depending upon the finance and personnel support your afford. “The more platform you choose to be on, the more leads can be expected” and hence the more benefits in business.

Also, make sure you include your social media outlets on your website through embedded icons that are linked to your social media profiles. The same will helps you increase awareness for your brand.

In The End

Therefore, If you are willing to explore online platform to bring in success for your business then start working with above mentioned tips. Although it is not a comprehensive list but definitely a good one to start with. Once your website will start living it, it will evolve and grow as your business grows.


Is Your E Commerce Website Ready for Sales Boost This Christmas

Is Your E-Commerce Website Ready for Sales Boost This Christmas?

Christmas is one of the biggest events marked on calender for e-commerce websites. Its the time to draw maximum amount of traffic and sales for your online business. The festive season is likely to draw more customer attention towards your website and hence there will be more chances for you to increase your conversions. However, to reach for the ultimate goal, it is advised to determine if you are ready for festive season’s business hike? Is your website ready to host the guests?

For an e-commerce website to grab maximum festive benefits in terms of web traffic and sales, it is important that it is designed in a certain way. It should work smooth and deliver better customer experience as compared to your competitors. Other than that, there are wide range of factors that are needed to be considered while preparing your e-commerce website for festive season. Some of them are given below for your information to add on in your website before the festive season finally strikes in.


Social Media

Speed plays a crucial role, as it determines how consumers are going to interact with your website. It has been suggested by a lot of studies that “the faster your website work, the longer it will hold the consumers!”. Customer don’t have time to sit around and wait for your page to load, therefore it is important that your website has got the speed. There can be different reasons why your website is taking a lot of time to load it can be due to lot of images or there can also be some code error. Another reason could be that your website is not ready to take in huge seasonal traffic in one go. Whatever it is, you need to keep a check on your website’s speed for it will affect your festive season sales to a great extent.  


Making your website content ready simply means providing enough information on your e-commerce website to make it easier and convenient for consumers to shop on it. A lot of times consumer complain of not getting the product similar to what it has been communicated and displayed over website. Such experiences can breach consumer’s trust on your e-commerce website and they might not consider coming back again. Therefore, this christmas season make sure to provide all the information on your website that the users might require while making purchase. Also, you can add promotional banners at different places on your website indicating special festive offers to grab users attention.



Even after placing all the things properly there are chances that your website might hit a roadblock in terms of technical glitch. If your website is not working properly or it have broken internal and external links then there are chances that you might disappoint your users big time. Missing images and broken pages could also be the reason for a poorly performing website. Nobody wants to deal with a low performing website and hence users will not consider coming back to a website that once gave them a hard time. Such experience will destroy their trust from your website not just once but for always. Therefore, to avoid any such circumstance, make sure that your website runs smooth without any glitch be it on mobile or desktop.

Summing Up

Is Your Brands Website Up To Latest Web Standards

Is Your Brand’s Website Up To Latest Web Standards?

In current global market space, capitalizing in your business through just making a digital presence is not enough. In order to utilize the opportunity and captivate real profits, one needs to focus on technical and interactive capacity of a website.

Unfortunately, today internet is swarmed with poorly designed websites. These websites majorly misses on the vitals of designing and development. While one can reason developer’s lack of skills for it, clients make an equal contribution towards the current outbreak in web development with their limited knowledge and unrealistic expectations with the design.

To deliver successful digital results, a website must be engaging and offer dynamic user experience. Yes, the designing process do involve graphics but it is way more than that. To optimize your site successfully, apart from providing sophisticated infrastructure to your site cater it with effective SEO functionality that must be developed and tested before its goes Online.

With 2020 approaching fast its time for developers to up their game with designing websites raising the bar with acceptable industry standards. Here are some non negotiable standards for developers to implement while designing a website.


Responsive – users on web are impatient, they are not willing to wait long for you website to load. Therefore, design your site with fast loading time for users to access it promptly even on slow speed mobile devices. To make sure your website is working faster you can use Pingdom or Pagespeed Insights by Google to check the speed for your website and to determine where and how much it needs to improve.

Mobile Friendly – most of the people these days utilize smart phones to access web. Therefore, getting your website a mobile friendly design will make it more accessible for users to visit your website whenever they want and from wherever they are!

Website Tracking – While it is important to provide your website with the best features. It is also important to analyse its performance. Enabling tracking to your website is the best way to determine if your website is performing the way it should. The design you finalize for your website should include functionality to indicate key factors like its traffic, objectives and conversions.

SEO Friendly – One of major factors that determines success for your website is the amount of SEO friendly it is. Developing compelling content, including all important on-page SEO tags and elements like schema and XML site maps will hep you optimize your website for search engines.  

CMS – CMS or content manage system is a powerful exponent when it comes to captivating your audience.

Consistently publishing original content can help you accumulate  invaluable, long-term digital marketing momentum for your website. Therefore, make sure to include a back-end Content Management System in your site’s design so clients can post and edit content as per their requirement.

Social Media

Social Media – one cannot underestimate the power of social media. Social media platforms with its vast reach and connect can help you improve your visibility and grab more traffic which is highly favorable for your brand. Linking them with your website will help you broaden your brand’s reach and allow users to quickly access your website. Therefore, while designing your website make sure that you integrate all relevant social media platforms with it.  

Security – While the Internet has revolutionized business communications, the convenience it offers come at the price of new perils. Without any online defense, you leave your website exposed to fraud. Therefore, make sure that your design includes fundamental security and privacy protocols, such as basic security checks for client’s data etc.

Progressive Web design – Involving progressive web app design to your website can help you make an impact on your consumers. Progressive web apps is basically the mix of best features of both web and mobile apps. Designing using this hybrid approach will render features such as splash screens, push notifications and animated page transitions etc to your brand’s website.

Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence – AI or artificial Intelligence and machine learning are no more the subjects of future. Business have started utilizing them for increasing their ROI. Employing them for your website can do wonders for your website when it comes to grabbing more users attention towards it. These adding AI tools to your web design will make your business platform more accessible for users.

To Sum Up

Keep in Mind, a perfectly designed website is not about grand gestures over overtly designed labels. With the upcoming year 202o, shift your focus towards developing a website with simple, yet functional and futuristic designs keeping these non negotiable standards in mind. Successfully implementing these guidelines can help you make significant impact in your business and grab optimal ROI.

Mobile App Development Trends to Aboard in 2020

Mobile App Development Trends to Aboard in 2020

A few years back, in 2012 mobile app development was completely a new trend. It started gaining popularity with 57.33 billion downloads. Slowly, entrepreneurs started recognizing mobile apps as a source to provide an omnichannel experience to the customers. For them it was important to retain customer for a longer time period and merely a web presence was not enough to attract the prospective customers.

However, In the recent several years the concept of mobile app development has got intensive. More and more clients today want cross-platform mobile app development services dedicated to their business. They even dream of gaining more profits through utilizing the benefits of technological developments with mobile app trends.

Here is the list of top technological trends to watch out in the year 2020.


Blockchain Technology

In recent years, we have witnessed the paradigm shift in the payment method from traditional to online through mobile apps. Although online payments were made earlier but were not completely safe. There was risk involved for fraud or hacking. However, the blockchain technology has introduced security over online payment gateways through mobile apps. The formulation has made more and more people to utilize the online payments platforms without any hesitation or fear of fraud.

Earlier this year, the Deloitte’s Global Blockchain Survey has revealed that 39% of global corporate were ready to invest over $5 million. Therefore in 2020, we can expect that apart from financial aspects, blockchain technology will be applied for various B2B and B2C businesses in order to draw more consumers towards mobile apps.

Artificial Intelligence

Entrepreneurs have started using artificial intelligence and machine learning features for their mobile apps with the view to add more convenience, bring automation and improve customer experience through it. Artificial intelligence help companies analyze data and make more informed decisions for their mobile apps. This also helps them to identify the development processes with AI and to smartly combine them with IoT (Internet Of Things) features and develop better app solutions. With so much happening with artificial Intelligence over mobile apps for 2019, there is no exaggeration in mentioning that AI will definitely lend a hand towards changing the future of mobile apps in upcoming years.

Cloud Integration

Integrating cloud technology enable entrepreneurs to provide users friendly mobile application. As a result, many enterprises have started to use multi-cloud management solutions. Also, the decrease in cloud migration cost and public cloud packages has been observes in recent years which is why more and more companies are seen integrating  cloud technology for their mobile apps. As predicted by Garter, around 90% of the IT enterprises tend to adopt hybrid infrastructure management approach by 2020.


IoT ( Internet Of Things) is one of the major mobile development trends in 2019. Th network when interconnected with smart devices is called internet of things. It provides the convenience of controlling devices even when you are on the move. Identifying the exclusive advantages of IoT in business, every Industry be it healthcare or manufacturing wants to leverage the benefits of IoT approach. According to the recent research report, the worldwide market for Internet of things has been growing at CAGR/28.5 percent since 2019 and is expected to cross  $457 billion by 2020. Therefore,it can be expected that more entrepreneurs will focus on building IoT-based mobile apps in upcoming years.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Another major development in terms of mobile app trends has been made with the introduction of mobile wallet. Mobile wallets are quick, safe and convenient for making payments online. The trend is gaining momentum globally and majority people are seen using it for making online transactions. In the year 2020, mobile wallets are expected to achieve more popularity on both iOS And Android app development platforms letting business operators to customize and integrate it in their business apps.

In a Nutshell

Today, entrepreneurs witness a stiff competition in their respective domain. Even when it comes to mobile apps there are number of apps prevailing on app store that force businesses to thrive hard to achieve the lead spot. This is where these technological trends for mobile apps lend businesses along way to go. 2020 will sure witness entrepreneurs  coming up with an advanced mobile app development solutions using these top mobile app trends.


5 Challenges Startups Face While Launching their Online Business

5 Challenges Startups Face While Launching their Online Business

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job. There are a lot of challenges that one faces while starting a business that further gets intensified when you choose to go online with it. Digital entrepreneurship involves a lot of pressure in the form of establishing an online business platform (website) for consumers to visit and explore your services, attracting traffic towards it and also marketing it.

With more and more users getting inclined towards online medium, it is beneficial for a business to establish itself on web platform. However, your journey towards launching online business would be quite challenging.  Lets discuss in detail the challenges startups will face while taking business online.

Launching a Website

The first and the most important step towards establishing your online business is to have a website where consumer will visit and follow your services. Building a website involves a lot of things from choosing the right technology UI/ULaunching a WebsiteX, to the navigation facility and the page load speed etc. All these factors contributes towards having a successful website which is capable of attracting and holding consumers towards your business. If anything goes wrong then the chances are that your business will fail badly.

Just like in a physical environment, its the ambiance that matters for an organization to make the client feel confident about the brand. In the same way, it is the feel and look of website that can help you grab more consumer interest.

The online user reads content will look at the design & interpret everything about your brand through the website. Therefore, it is advised to get your business website designed from a professional web designing agency, especially when you are a startup.

Marketing Your Business

Once the website is prepared and launched, its time to market it. Digital marketing is easy to track in terms of its success and so it is worth every penny considering the startup factor. It helps you create awareness for your brand, make users consider and purchase its services/products and ends up becoming loyal customers for your brand. Digital marketing helps in creating your brand name and will market among users on web. However, targeting the right channel is the major challenge for it should be aligned with the business objective to reap its maximum benefits.

Grabbing More Customers

The amount of customer acquisition depends on your effectiveness with digital marketing efforts. Every online channel has its own market and set of users. Marketing using the right set of keywords over search engines or using the right Hashtags over social media is a challenge that affects the success of your online business. There are different marketing channels for finding B2B and B2C customers. Since every customer is different so are the mediums to target them. For creating awareness you need to market your brand over wide variety of channels.

Customer Service

One of the major challenges for any business would be to satisfy its customers. Businesses with satisfied customers speaks for their great performance. It helps you create goodwill for your brand and customers will find you more reliable. Not just that, giving importance to the customer service or after sales service would further intensify your performance and would spread good word for your brand.

Grow Your Business 

Grow Your Business

Last but not the least in the list of challenges for startups to launch their online business is advancing the business or to grow it. Every business is established with the view to grow its scale with time in near future, however that is not as easy as it sounds. You need to make the special efforts for the same, like sending special messages to your customer through mails or a personalized message when they visit your website. You can also offer loyalty programs to your customer to make them come again. Such efforts would help create a stir among your consumers and they will further market your brand through spreading good words about it among their family and friends. The same will ultimately help you advance your business.


Although taking your business online would offer limitless scalability and opportunities to gather success for your business, the road that leads to it is quite challenging. However, once you tackle these challenges finding success for your online business will be a cake walk.

How is Social Media Benefiting Online Businesses

How is Social Media Benefiting Online Businesses?

Social media platforms are gaining popularity at warp speed with the increasing competition in the market. It has created a flourishing way to extent brand’s message to the right people at the right time with the desire  to stick to the ones who gets interested and remain loyal throughout the brand’s journey.

Businesses are leveraging social media for its vast user base with the view to make entire marketing program more fast, effective and inexpensive. The platform connects you with the audience all around the world and enables you to serve them on higher level. With its grand base and stronger impact, social media has certainly proven its worth in last two decades.

There are a lot of benefits businesses are drawing over social media. Here are some ways it is benefiting businesses in their growth.

Global Reach

Social media for its incredible reach and strength holds a great potential to offer any business a wider market to reach out to its consumers. It helps in establishing identity to the brand and offer to serve to the wider crowd. Also, the more the crowd you have to offer, the more are the chances of grabbing customer for your brand and its products. Thus, social benefits through making communication faster and easier in a lot of ways through its global reach.increase traffic on your website

Improves Networking Potential

In addition to the simplified communication facility, social media serves as the valuable source of networking, to be able to reach out to the like minded people for exchanging ideas and improving the way you are doing business.

Social media networking makes it easier to build relationships and earn the required value for your brand. The same will helps you in creating potential business opportunities, increase brand awareness and increase traffic on your website.

Establishing Brand

Social media can help you present your brand’s personality and want it stands for to the wider audience. It helps you represent your brand’s ideologies and traits that makes it different from other to be able to attract your consumers and further improve your business. Social media helps you develop your brand and give your business a life to suffice.

Increases Traffic

Social media channels work as substitute for a business websites is a great way to market your brand and reach out to multiple audience in the most personalized and captivating manner. This will provide you the chance to reach out to those potential consumers who you would not be able to engage if social media would not have been there. Thus, social media helps you increase more traffic towards your business website in the most engaging and inexpensive manner. 

Gather Feedback

Providing valuable custCustomer Feedbackomer services is very important in the world of business regardless of what is your industry. Success is achieved only after understanding and satisfying your custo

mer with the best possible service with your company. Social media helps you understand your consumer better through directly getting their feedback over the platform. It means you will get the customers feedback directly over some social media platform that can help you building your customer base in future.


Every business has its goals and targets to achieve to be able draw success with it. Social media can help you reach those goals or attain success in your business through marketing your brand and its related products and services among its wider platforms. All you nee to do is approach the medium in more strategic and focused way, give it some time to work in itself and the rewards will be amazing.