5 Digital Marketing and Designing Rules You Must Never Forget

Do you want to make more money and have a bigger market base?

If yes, never forget the 5 Digital Marketing and Designing shared here on this page!

These will help.  

Earlier, it wasn’t easy to figure out what your customers needed.

Not anymore!

Now, with the rapid proliferation in the number of certain tools–including analytics—it has become easier to know what your customers and prospects want.

Online marketing has, indeed, made the situation easier, and created an environment where businesses can easily get valued insights to their clients and prospects, and chalk-out their plans accordingly.

Digital Marketing and Designing–5 Rules You Must Never Forget

Coming back to the rules you must never forget, well, here we go!

Are you ready?

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1) Don’t be too difficult to be found

Perhaps, the most important of the lot, in case you want to have a considerable online presence, make a website with pages that may help you get found effortlessly.

Have a SEO strategy that reflects on the various search terms that your prospects and clients would hunt for online.

Produce content that’s important for your guests. Use Videos, articles, e-mailers, blogs, e-books, press releases, etc, for the purpose.

Make certain that you have quality content–peppered with the right and relevant keywords. It’s vital that your visitors convert, and not just check your content and then go away.

2) Don’t be impatient, show one thing at a time!

Majority of the website visitors (it includes me!) prefer clean and clutter-free pages having lots of whitespace. They want low visual difficulty. Apple’s website is a classic example of such a website.

Significantly, way back in 2012, Google did a research to find out which kinds of websites visitors find beautiful.

They learnt that they preferred the pages and sites with simple designs and clutter-free appearances.

This explains the movement toward single column layouts and tall pages.

The takeaway: If your website is plagued with difficult designs, and isn’t easy to navigate through, reduce the clutter. Go for a clean look!

3) Keep away from carousels & rotating sliders

They’ve been in fashion for years and many visitors may still love them. However, the homepage slideshow is weighed down with an issue: your guests won’t be able to see the first slide.

Different studies on the subject arrive at the same verdict. While the messages on the subsequent slides don’t stand much of a chance to be seen, Calls to Action (CTAs) may also not help and be clicked.

4) Have a clever mix of SEO and Content Marketing

Earlier, Search Engine Optimization was all that mattered even as it used to be a function of coding. These days, the majority of the metrics covered in Google’s algorithm involves content and the engagement you get via the sharing of well-written and relevant content.

But content must be shared using different tools–including visuals, infographics, texts, videos, audios, etc—for the best possible results.

Besides, ensure that the content you use–to reach out to your customers and convert your prospects–is of a high quality, 100% original, influential, engaging, and valuable.

It should be entertaining & informative as well, and stir the desired feelings in your readers. Content that’s helpful will inspire the visitors to get involved via email, comments, sharing, and other relevant actions, and this will eventually contribute to ROI.

In case you find the job of producing quality and persuasive content a difficult job, by yourself, draft a professional to do the job for you, and take care of the content requirements of your website pages and social media channels.

5) Have a Noticeable Presence on the Related Social Media Channels

Digital Marketing

This is the last of the 5 important Digital Marketing and Designing rules you must forget at your own risk.

Being seen online is one of the important secrets to success for every business–particularly in today’s world where almost all businesses have become digital and gone online. 

It’s a good technique to be ‘different’ from others. For this, build your online presence on the relevant social media networks.

Relevancy matters because you will find a large number of social network sites–most of which may not much help your business.

So, before you hitch your wagon to the social media wagon, at first, figure out where your clients and prospects hang around the most. Then, target them there. Use the channels that are most appropriate to your business and prospects. Build your online presence there, painstakingly.

For example, if you are targeting professionals, businessmen, and start-ups, it will be a good idea to devote your time and resources on, say, LinkedIn, and not, say, TikTok and/or Facebook.  

Summing-up, follow the 5 Digital Marketing and Designing rules discussed.  Never forget them if you want to make more money and grow your business further.

Do You Know These 5 Web Design and Digital Marketing Tricks Will Boost Your Sales Straight Away

Do You Know These 5 Web Design and Digital Marketing Tricks Will Boost Your Sales Straight Away?

It’s not easy capturing new market and attracting more clients these days. It’s also not easy to boost your sales in view of the ballooning competition. But no need to lose heart! Through clever planning and the right Web Design and Digital Marketing tricks, you can ace the competition, and improve your sales right away.

What those tricks are and how to implement them?

Well, these are the 5 most important Web Design and Digital Marketing Tricks. Follow them and gallop ahead!

5 Important Web Design and Digital Marketing Tricks

web design

Let’s start with the web design part first!

  1. Have functional and basic layout for your pages: Many people create fancy and attractive pages with lots of designs, pop-ups, and creativity, hoping to attract the attention of their readers and visitors. Nothing wrong in it! The difficulty comes when such creativity, and often unwanted features, make the pages heavier and restrict their speed. Such exercises also frequently end up irritating the guests because few would want pages that don’t open fast and are plagued with distractions.

  2. Don’t use more than 1 CTA on a page: This again is one important trick worth following. Several web designers use many CTA buttons on a page hoping to engage their guests and encourage them to do what they may want them to do, like get a service or fill a form. This again is wrong. Such an approach often backfires and drives the visitors away. The reason: they get annoyed and feel as if they are unnecessarily and aggressively being asked to do something.  

Now over to the Digital Marketing part!

  1. Focus on attracting the right audiences and not on just increasing traffic: Yes, this is crucial! To grow your business and have more money in your account, your focus must not be on only multiplying your traffic anyhow, because if the inbound traffic only leads to more lead generation and not conversions, it won’t help. Target the right audiences. For example, if you are dealing with, say, small sized handy sewing machines, target housewives, because it’s they whose chances of buying your product would be higher.

  2. Create emotional stories: 

    Digital MarketingIt’s not enough to have a digital presence. You also need to engage your prospects and clients at an emotional level, to connect them with your brand. We love and identify with those – whether it’s a product or a brand – that has an interesting and inspiring story behind them.

  3. Use Infographics: Sharing of relevant information and data through interesting, yet powerful infographics plays a decisive role in boosting your sales right away. Because these help us process the content more powerfully and help deal with “heavy” subjects in an agreeable manner. 

Summing up, if you are keen to boost your sale right away–through Web Design and Digital Marketing –have functional and basic layout for your pages, don’t have more than 1 CTA button on a page, focus on attracting the right audiences, create emotional stories, and use Infographics.

Top 5 Web Design Digital Marketing Secrets You Never Knew

Making web sites that engage and help you convert and digital marketing that leads to more business and wider customer base are on the wish list of most Web Design & Digital Marketing professionals. This could be an altogether different issue that it’s not easy to create such sites and do such result-oriented digital marketing.

Why most fail? What’s the secret behind effective and engaging web design and digital marketing?

Well, here are the 5 most important secrets you never knew. Use these to make more money and establish your business in the market.   

5 Most Important Web Design & Digital Marketing Secrets You Never Knew

  • No Need of a Flashy New Website

web design

The most decisive feature of any website is result. In case you are getting great results from your present website; it’s easy to navigate, successfully conveys your core business messages, clearly tells customers why they should choose you and drives conversions, don’t allow a web agency to persuade you to go for an overhaul and spend your hard-earned money on a major website redesign.

  • More May Not be Better, At All Times

Some marketing agencies could try to tell you that their efforts have led to the desired results because you’re getting more traffic to your site, or your ads are receiving more impressions. Your target is not to get more people to your website; it’s to attract more customers, right?

  • Engage Employing the 80/20 Law

Your marketing team posts every day on Facebook, but how often do they interact with your clients or other brands?

Follow the 80/20 rule. Promote your business and your own content not more than 20% of the time. The remaining 80% must be for interacting with other brands, customers, and content.

  • Video Marketing

It’s the new content marketing. Content–in the form of text and pictures, is still the King–but moving pictures or video is fast catching up. Nowadays, you’ll see videos going viral and grabbing more eyeballs.

How videos tick all the right boxes?

Digital Marketing

To begin with, they’re easy to watch on the go and allow your prospects and clients to interact with your company directly.

If you show your best stories, products, and services in an interesting way, rest assured you will attract all the right attention!

  • Instagram & Its Stories Section

As per many experts, Instagram is the more sophisticated place, vis-à-vis other apps. While earlier the social media platform didn’t have a huge base, today, thanks to its exclusivity and special niche in the social media space, it has a huge base even as the number of active subscribers is increasing day-by-day.

There were around 24.46 million Instagram users in the UK as of March 2020, with 31.9% of those users being between 25 and 34 years old. The app’s stories section is a big hit. In case you are a digital marketer or a business organization, share your stories on Instagram, get 1000s of likes and draw millions of people while you establish your brand and make more money.

Now since you know about the 5 most important Web Design & Digital Marketing Secrets, what are you waiting for? Start attracting more clients and making more money!

Follow These 5 Tried Tested Tips Discover The Unmatched Powers of WEB DESIGN DIGITAL MARKETING

Follow These 5 Tried & Tested Tips, Discover The Unmatched Powers of WEB DESIGN & DIGITAL MARKETING!

Web Design and Digital Marketing have unmatched powers, and if you harness those in the most fruitful way, you can beat the race and take your business to the dizzying heights of its success. 

Follow these 5 important ‘tried and tested’ Web Design and Digital Marketing tips:     

1. Attractive Layout May Not Help Much 

web design

There is no harm at all in having great looking web pages that leave stunning visual impact on the visitors. But nice, visually appealing looks may not necessarily lead to more sales and profits for you.

Your website’s job is to offer your site visitors with the right guidance to direct them to where they may wish to go–and more importantly–to where you wish them to go also. If it’s good at this, fine!

Does it mean it’s an offense to be pretty? Of course not! In case you can have–both a beautiful design and get great results–nothing like it!

2. High Spend May Not Help Much

To get a decent website you don’t have to spend every penny of yours.

The market has no death of the so-called web designers who would capitalize on your ignorance and charge ridiculously high rates. They will bombard you with techspeak and fancy coding terms. 

Don’t get swayed! 

Since templates and platforms, such as WordPress, have made site design even easier and quicker, make your budget and find graphic designers who may work within it. Hunt for the web designers who don’t charge a high amount and fit the style of site you’d prefer to have for your business.

3. Pinterest Could Be the Game Changer 

Do you know that the image-based site Pinterest is yet another best-kept secret Digital Marketing tool? Lately, several business organizations and people have discovered the effectiveness and utility of this glamorous platform, and so are growingly using the social media tool to generate high traffic. 

In case you are new to Digital Marketing, then start using the image based marketing techniques without any further delays. Pinterest may be real game changer for your business.

4. Use Well Written SEO Content 

Digital Marketing

Quality content, paired with good local SEO methods, could be too good for your business. Generate well-written, relevant, accurate, and easy-to-understand content, and watch the amazing turnaround in your fortunes. Get experienced SEO content writers onboard if you can’t do it yourself. 

5. Use Various Platforms for Various Audiences

Today, for the marketing and brand development purposes, you shouldn’t ignore the different social media tools. 

Some of the so-called experts may claim you must be specific and focus on just one or two platforms for the best results. 

But how would you know which platform will be most effective? No amount of research would help. You may miss the boat if you put all your eggs in one single basket. If you don’t use most well-known platforms–such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter–simultaneously, you will miss possible leads.

So, these, in short, are the 5 ‘tried and tested’ tips you must follow to unleash the unmatched powers of Web Design and Digital Marketing and make more money.