What You Didnt Know about Social Media Optimization 4 Most Important Secrets

Most Digital Marketing experts will tell you that if you use the amazing powers and vast reach of social media, you can write many new and successful chapters in your Digital Marketing story.

But not many of them will maybe tell you about what I am going to discuss here below. Perhaps, because they might themselves not know about these; or maybe, they may not want to share such priceless industry secrets, for certain reasons best known to them.

But before we dive deep into the ocean of Social Media Optimization (SMO) secrets, and reveal some of the most important secrets to you, let’s first find out what SMO is!

It’s a kind of Internet Marketing Optimization (IMO) where you make efforts to boost your presence on the social media, to get the best possible results out of your brand’s presence there.

It starts right with you establishing some new targets and coming up with a social media plan. It, afterwards, covers every element of fine-tuning your social accounts, comprising paid social ads, to the stage where you examine your social performance, and make any required amendments, to make your future results better.

You make use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to make certain that a high number of visitors can find the links to your website, when they make use of the search engines.

But when you use SMO, you are basically making efforts to make your social profiles and activity better, to reach a high figure of your target viewers, through social media.

Frankly, the two phrases are inter-linked. Several of the methods you utilize in SEO also help in SMO, and likewise. In both the situations, you are sparing no efforts to get the most out of your marketing expense.

Now the top SMO secrets!

Here we go!

Social Media Optimization Secrets: 4 Most Important You Didn’t Know Earlier

1. Perfecting Your Profile Is Important

Perfecting Your Profile Is Important

It’s easy to create your social profile, right? Wrong! It’s one of the first areas where you may falter.

How to not fail?

Well–to begin with–fill out the profile information completely. Search engines favor the profiles that have all the necessary data required. Since it also creates a more professional interrelated experience for others in your network, make certain that each and every contact data in your social profiles are precisely the same as found on your website.

In certain manners, your social accounts are your marketing assets. Much like the majority of assets, if you treat them well, and manage them with care, they may become more valuable. However, if you ignore and/or mishandle them, they will become useless gradually.

Your social profiles are central to this. A nicely written and agreeably designed profile will make your marketing drive successful. A profile that doesn’t have a persuasive copy, is laced with typos, and has a pathetic design, will leave a poor impression on your guests.

The value of using SEO, to optimize the copy on your website, is well known. The words that you use on your site convey your message, and in case you focus on some particular keywords, you may occupy a high position for them in Google and other search engines. With SMO on your profile, you can taste the same degree of success with your social accounts.

Perhaps, you could be enticed to ignore your social profiles, believing nobody would read them. But–much like the ‘About Us’ page that most visitors to your site visit first–your social profiles are actually the opening point of call, for numerous guests to your social accounts. Actually, your social profiles are the base on which you develop what remains of your social marketing.

Here, we are talking about the business pages. Some differences are there from how you would build your personal social profiles (which are equally vital from a personal branding approach).

2. Optimizing Your Content Helps

Sharing content is the gas that powers your social media presence. But some–if not all–firms don’t focus on this crucial element of SMO. They make attractive social profiles, and then take it easy, not doing anything else. The result, of course, is predictable: no gains with such firms grumbling about their failures with social marketing.

So, if you have been making such a mistake, it’s high time you made some much needed ‘corrections’ in this direction, by sharing and optimizing your business’ content on the social networks.

Share two kinds of content on the different social media platforms: Original content involving your business, and Curated content–valuable stuffs you come across online that will help your followers.

Make original content a part of specific marketing drives. Also, use it to prop-up your other online content–your blog posts, articles, podcasts, and infographics, etc. Create original content–in the form of graphics or videos–to share updates related to your business, or to talk about an approaching sale, for instance.

Important: share content that’s helpful for your followers. The curated content you share must follow this idea. Don’t only re-tweet random links, until and unless there’s a crystal-clear link between the stuffs you share and your readers. Besides, it would be great if you add a comment/observation to the curated content that you share.

3. Using Branded Cover Images is the Key

The cover image is usually the first thing a visitor to your site sees when s/he visits your page. So, leave a good impression with it! Exploit this chance to put across your brand messaging to your present and potential followers/clients.

Make use of suggested size guides for each platform, to make certain that your cover image is nicely formatted and properly exhibited. Also, utilize appropriate and unforgettable professional images.

4. Aligning SEO Keywords and Social Media is the Game Changer

Aligning SEO Keywords and Social Media is the Game Changer

In case you are keen to make the most of the exposure of your social media profiles, you need to know that keywords play an incredibly powerful role. If you’re not optimizing your profiles–the way it should be–you’re helping your rivals/competitors.

Structure your keywords, and insert key phrases into your social profiles, in a perfectly natural manner. These shouldn’t look intentionally stuffed.

In case you efficiently use your keyword or phrase in your profile or page name, it will help it to occupy a high position in the keyword searches on Google and other search engines, and also inside the social network search.

Earlier, the difference between SEO and social was quite clear. When searchers visit Google or Bling or any other search engines, they’re aggressively seeking answers or solutions to their difficulties.

However, when searching through social media, any post your business puts, is potentially just inactively reaching the users. It’s something presented to them as they’re already doing anything else they came to that forum to do.

But–at present–more Internet visitors than before are searching, vigorously, on the social media, using hashtags and trending topics, and when they do that, they aren’t interested in just an answer; they are keen to have a fruitful talk also.

What does it mean?

It signifies not only increased opportunities for marketers, to figure-out about your target audiences–straight from their own experiences. It also signifies there’s more statistics now that you may utilize to inform your keyword research, and produce more helpful, engaging & targeted content, for your prospects and clients.

In a nutshell, perfecting your profile, optimizing your content, using branded cover images, and aligning SEO Keywords and Social Media are certain things you must do for a highly successful SMO exercise.

These are the top 4 SMO secrets about which you, perhaps, didn’t know before. However, now since you know about them, use them to beat the competition, and take your business to great heights.

Check with the experienced and trusted SMO and digital marketing agencies–such as InforSpry–if you want great results!

Do You Know about These 9 Important Lead Generation Tips

Lead generation is a vital element of a marketing strategy. Examining what works and what doesn’t is crucial if you are interested in tasting success and making more money.

Today, you have hundreds–if not thousands–of ground-breaking ways of generating leads, through your lead generation drives, for your online business.

Till the time your firm’s reputation and beliefs are intact, you don’t have to lose your sleep over ‘ethical’ and ‘unethical’ ways of generating leads. Still, you must know that that some specific methods will have far-reaching and longer lasting impacts, vis-à-vis others.

Having said that, now check these 9 tips for a fruitful lead generation approach, and use them for a productive and result-oriented marketing drive online!

Lead Generation: 9 Most Important Tips

  1. Utilize the Right Statistics

Utilize the Right Statistics

This is incredibly important that you value your customers and have their correct information, because if you know them inside out, you can personalize your plan to suit your target groups.

It’s also crucial that you know the right way to speak to your clients and prospects, in the correct tone, so that they don’t ignore your brand, and the products/services you provide.

  1. Optimize Your Home Page

Your home page is the soul & heart of your website. In fact, it’s the engine that powers your website. So, it’s hardly a matter of surprise that it’s visited the most even as it occupies an exceptionally important place in your website.

To leave a great first impression, optimize it. You won’t be able do a decent business and make good profits, if you fail to organize, clean the mess, and place vital essentials on the top.

Focus on these stuffs to optimize your home page in the best possible manner:

Navigation: Ensure that it’s customer-centric even as your visitors don’t come across any problems locating what they want on your website.

Content: Explain–in simple, understandable language–where your guests can find tutorials & how-to guides, and figure-out more about what’s on offer.

Calls-to-Action: Have strategically placed Calls-to-Action buttons on your site, on the relevant pages, to motivate visitors to take the required action. Inspire them to get in touch with you, subscribe to your e-mailers, download a lead magnet, and/or make a purchase.

Signup forms: Come-up with striking opportunities for your guests so that they sign up for your e-mail newsletters.

Products: Put your products in order. Make them scannable. Also, optimize your checkout procedure, as your cart-desertion rate will jump in case you fail to make the entire buying process simple.

  1. Follow Leads

For a successful lead generation plan, figure-out how to follow leads. You can employ different methods to do this. For instance, you can use social media, e-mail, or your website.

You can use Google Analytics to learn which pages of your website are attracting visitors the most and drawing high traffic. You may also make use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, to examine the connections that you are developing with your clients and prospects.

  1. Focus on Quality

Not many marketers really give much importance to their strategies’ overall quality. This is wrong. Perform comprehensive research so that you may focus on those customers whose chances of using your services and products are higher.

  1. Make the Best Use of Word-of-mouth Publicity

No type of marketing can beat the decisive effects of Word-of-mouth marketing. When some clients refer your business/services to others, word starts to fly that you provide a wonderful product and/or experience.

You can do certain basic things to create a great customer experience. For example, you can deliver products speedily; send clients praising e-mails, post purchases; and follow-up with them, via phone and e-mails to verify delivery, etc.

However, nowadays, consumers usually take such services for granted. To really exploit the amazing powers of word-of-mouth, go the extra mile and do something extra.

For instance, provide attractive discounts to those who refer friends/colleagues/family members to your website. Encouraging referral is an exciting manner to multiply the word about your products/services.

  1. Study How Your Rivals/Competitors are Running their Marketing Drives

To ensure that your lead generation approach proves to be a roaring success, don’t forget to examine your competitors’ sites. You will get helpful information about their services/products, and also the type of content they publish.

This will help you to decide your next course of action, to stay on top of the game. Use the data you gather intelligently, and make sure that your plan is both exclusive and attention-grabbing.

  1. Make Use of E-mail Marketing

Make Use of E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing is a powerful tool for Digital Marketing. So, build your e-mail list of your prospects and clients. Try out more vigorous methods, such as pop-ups, to collect e-mails.

If you use E-mail Marketing in the right way, it will be an incredible and money-spinning method for you to reach and influence your target groups, and harvest new leads for your business.

However, don’t make some common mistakes–like many people–while trying to exploit the e-mail marketing powers.

For example, never ever bombard your prospects and clients with loads of unwanted mails. You will irritate them. Respect their time and privacy. Give them the choice to unsubscribe if they don’t want your business mails, and aren’t interested in what you could be trying to sell them.

For this, use an opt-in approach that gives your subscribers the power to decide if they want to be on your mailing list and get your e-mails. Insert an unsubscribe link for the purpose.

  1. Make Best Use of Results with Pay-per-Click Advertising, Social Media

In the cutthroat world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), getting a high rank for keywords is a long-term plan. PPC ads enable you to appear higher in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rankings, without having to push your website up to the top. It’s indeed an incredibly effective method of creating traffic to a landing page. Of course, you have to pay for this.

Social media ads also provide you with the chance to increase posts, and help promotions get exposure. With the PPC ads, you can easily focus your attention on the right audience even as with sufficient statistics, you can even come up with mirror image viewers, to draw your target consumers.

Social Media itself is also a helpful channel for creating leads, with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter showing the way. Social Media isn’t just a wonderful platform to talk about attractive money-offs and promotions; it’s also an amazing place for the sharing and syndication of your content.

Your Content Marketing will have more petrol in its tank if it’s linked to a vigorous and well-planned social marketing drive.    

  1. Solicit Help from the Professionals

Several companies have their in-house team of marketing professionals, working round-the-clock, to chase leads. Still, it will be a lot better if you seek expert help from certain experienced lead generation firms–such as InfoSpry–for instance.

You will get stunning results, new leads, and opportunities–and of course–profits swiftly. You may have to spend some additional money though for the purpose.

Now since you know about these 9 important lead generation tips, what are you really waiting for? Start generating leads without any further delays for your business.

Here’s wishing you good luck and unlimited success in your endeavors!

Search Engine Optimization Top 5 Tips You Must Follow in 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fast-paced and vibrant field. But it’s also more complicated than before in 2020.

At present, with just building links, producing any old content, and adding some keywords, you can’t hope to make your organic search rankings better, and boost the visibility of your business or brand.

Now you must stay well-updated and learn endlessly. You must have new SEO strategies, to stay on the top in the rankings in Google and other search engines, in 2020 and beyond.

But your strategy this year and beyond mustn’t be restricted to ONLY being found on search engines, and move traffic to your website. You must put out all stops to offer an exciting experience and generate leads and revenue.

How to do that?

Well, follow these tips, to stay relevant and on top of the game!

  1. Create links to other websites with related content.

  2. Create content for human beings first, search engines afterward.

  3. Encourage other reliable sites to link to you.

  4. Use web analytics.

  5. Draft only-one-of- its- kind and relevant meta descriptions for each & every page.

  6. Study and know about the different rising trends (voice search), Technological advancements (machine learning), Algorithmic changes, and your viewers (their behavior & hopes).

Search Engine Optimization: Top 5 Tips to Follow in 2020

Now the tips in detail!

1. Figure Out what’s On Your Customers’ Radar!

Figure Out what’s On Your Customers’ Radar!

To optimize your website figure-out what your customers are actually looking for.

Sounds too difficult? But it’s not! With a little effort, you can easily do that.

Let’s say–for instance–that you have a gym in London. In such a case, your customers would, perhaps, hunt for stuffs, such as ‘Gym in London’, ‘Bodybuilding in London’, ‘London Fitness center’, etc.

Prior to you do anything else, think about what your customers could be hunting for, and jot down your ideas in a notepad. You may even ask them straightforwardly.

No need to go deeper! A few ideas will be more than enough.

2. Make Pages Well Optimized for Internet Search

Keyword research is just the initial step towards attracting more organic search traffic.

On‐page optimization is the subsequent step in your SEO strategy.

Even focusing on the most beneficial keywords with high quality content won’t help you, if your pages aren’t optimized, or poorly optimized for the search engines.

Also ensure that your pages are structured well, and make the person searching happy, to find a place on top for the specific keywords you chose.

Ideally, your optimization efforts should begin with making certain that your visitors get pleasure from your website’s user experience (UX).

Create designs and typography that make it easy to use the content, and do away with all jarring, needless elements, like pop-ups, opt-in boxes, etc.

Besides these:

  1. Employ short, explanatory URLs

Your web page’s address sends a signal to the search engines about its subject. Don’t change it, if possible. Get this right the first time itself.

As per Google, a site’s URL structure must be uncomplicated. Arrange your contents so that URLs are constructed rationally and in a way that humans have no problems figuring it out.

  1. Make persuasive meta titles & descriptions

The title tag offers an exciting opportunity to create a headline with the keyword you want the page to occupy a high rank for, and is rather compelling to inspire searchers to click and check your website.

  1. Utilize headers & sub headers to come up with a rational structure

  2. Optimize images

Make use of images to assist your guests decode your content better. Introduce screenshots with examples, if appropriate. Don’t forget to have an appropriate name, ALT tag, and description with every image. Using attractive captions for your pictures–to explain with text about your image–is also an idea worth following. When you do SEO for your images, you also boost your chances of occupying a high rank in the Google Images.

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly

Google has BIG plans for inducing websites to shift to a mobile-friendly podium. Its mobile ranking algorithm incorporates usability features. Websites with a mobile edition will be labeled as such, and get higher positions in the Search Engine Result Page rankings (SERPs) for mobile search questions.

3. Ensure Both Search Engines & Humans Can Access Your Website with Ease

While doing SEO, never forget that that you’re working for two distinct entities–your readers who are humans, and the bots the search engines employ to give your website a rank.

Even as bots are gaining intelligence and developing human-like attributes, the two are still different in several manners. Given this, generate a positive experience for both.

How to do that?


  1. Make certain that your website loads swiftly

Both humans and search engines prioritize the loading speed of websites. As high as 40% of the entire visitors ignore those websites that take 3-plus seconds to load.

  1. Make certain that your website is mobile-friendly

As per a study, over 60% of the total searches done presently are from mobile gadgets.

  1. Make a sitemap

It’s an XML file which lists every page on your site. Search engines employ it to locate your content and figure-out how your pages are connected–that’s to check the general structure of your website.

4. Build Backlinks from Other Websites

Build Backlinks from Other Websites

Link building matters. You can improve your SEO strategy’s success with clever link building. Hence, in case you’re all geared-up to spend time and funds on producing content, also be fully geared-up to promote and create links to your pieces.

Showing backlinks influences Google’s ranking algorithms.

But don’t link out to bad websites! You could be penalized for this.

Yes, never place links to punished or unassociated websites! When you link out to a specific website, it means you are endorsing it in a way, and showing that you trust it as a right resource.

So, study the website you want to link to, and make a decision if it’s helpful.

5. Post Exceptional Content

Content is King–it’s the most crucial element of your website. But your king must be outstanding so that you can rule with its help. Yes, without good content, you can’t rank occupy a high spot in the search rankings!

It’s vital that your blogs/articles aren’t only well written but these also offer real, tangible value to your readers. Google prefers longer articles and posts that engage, with comments, for instance. It gives more credit to such pieces. Google Panda may penalize your website for short blogs/articles that don’t serve any purpose and don’t present anything new.

So, try to engage your readers, inspire them to share their thoughts. Besides, also make certain that you aren’t discussing the same subject over and over again, lest your site begins to appear like a content directory.

So, these, in short, are the top 5 Search Engine Optimization tips you must follow in 2020 and beyond.

Check with InfoSpry—your trusted and reliable digital partners—to stay ahead in the search engine rankings! They have what it takes to help you rule the rankings in 2020 and beyond.

All the best!

E mail Marketing May be the Game Changer Top 5 Tips

Do you know that–contrary to the popular belief–E-mail Marketing can be the Game Changer for Your Business, in 2020 and beyond?

Yes, it’s true!

Social Media has always done the trick, if we talk about giving your business more exposure and visibility in the market, and engaging your customers through online, digital methods.

But the importance of digital marketing tools–such as e-mail marketing–can’t be ignored.

In fact, actual conversions, real, concrete returns on your investment, are mostly made, using engaging and well-planned e-mail marketing drives.

This tool is more than just a targeted approach to reach your customers.       

With e-mail marketing, you can even track and record the exact returns of investment.   

But what exactly e-mail marketing is?

But what exactly e-mail marketing is?

Any kind of marketing that employs electronic ways to promote, market, or talk about money-making opportunities to your soon-to-be customers is e-mail marketing. This kind of marketing offers you with a chance to boost your association with your customers.

Discount codes, upcoming promotions, product updates…these are just three tricks that you must include in your e-mail marketing drives to attract your prospects and customers.

Now the million dollar questions: how to make your e-mail marketing drive a successful one? How to cut down bounce rates and improve the open and click rates?

It’s a fact that in the absence of proper planning, and the right template, such exercises often fail to bring the desired results.

Actually, most mails don’t even get opened, or the offered grabbed, by the recipients.

Why it happens so?     

Perhaps, you could be too crude in your approach. Possibly, your copy is poorly structured and not specific. Perhaps, you e-mail list, with the mailing addresses of your clients and prospects, is an old one, and many of them may not be using their previous addresses anymore. Delete all such addresses and refresh your mailing list.

What’s your goal should be?

Your goal should be to sell your services and products, but you mustn’t do it in a loud way. Your goal should be to engage your recipients, through witty and interesting content and illustrations/pictures. Your goal should be to engage them first and raise an interest in them for your brand. Your aim should be to connect with them on an emotional level.

How to do that?

Try to know your audiences, to make your e-mail marketing drives successful. Besides, deliver on your promises. Have a crystal-clear purpose, be specific and concise. If you—yourself–don’t know what your target is, how would you achieve them in the first place?

In addition, don’t beat around the bush and come to the point straightway; of course, through refined and engaging ways.

Also ensure that you have a consistent template. The purpose of your business e-mails should be to help your customers associate you with a reason, idea, or narration they personally support.  

Now the e-mail marketing tips, in detail!

Top 5 E-mail Marketing Tips

Follow these 5 important tips for a fruitful e-mail marketing exercise in 2020 and beyond:

1. Be More Thoughtful

The world has changed a lot now, especially in the backdrop of the rampaging Covide-19.

If you are running any kind of business, you must factor in this.

Now most people are living in a state of fear and want security and emotional support to pull through.

Now the days of fancy and glitzy show are almost over. You must be able to emotionally connect with your targeted groups and customers, to establish a bond and improve your sales and profits.

Now the way people shop online; act in response to different messaging, as well as their overall emotions have changed a lot.

The good news: now more e-mails are being opened, even as e-mail skimming has hit roof.

The deadly disease may vanish in some months; its aftereffects though would continue till the close of 2020 or even further than that.

So, if you haven’t been mailing mails that appear like they’re from an actual human, this is the right time to begin doing so.

What your customers want at present is not a brand, suggesting a buy to boost sales, but an individual–made with flesh & blood–advising a way to positively address a problem they could be battling against.

2. Have More User-Generated Content in Your Email to Boost Engagement

Have More User-Generated Content in Your Email to Boost Engagement

Most of us love getting acknowledged and gaining exposure for something good. Create e-mails that exhibit gratitude to your subscribers, to improve user engagement. It will also let you know the kind of content that inspires them the most.

3. Seek Feedback, Occasionally

Although e-mail metrics help you know the performance of an e-mail drive, you won’t get the complete picture of a marketing effort if you depend on just the metrics. To decode customers’ viewpoints, request for their feedback.

4. Insert a Face & Personality into Your Marketing E-mails

As discussed earlier, now most people have become immune against gaudy ads and e-mail drives. They’re keen to relate to brands run by ‘real’ individuals.

Hence, incorporate a personality to your e-mails, to make them look comparatively less programmed. Also, associate a face to your e-mails, to give your brand an identity that produces an emotional bond with those on your mailing list, make your brand more humane, and develop brand authenticity.

Nowadays, more businesses are sending e-mails, employing an individual e-mail address, like kavita@kidsstore.com, in place of info@ kidsstore.com. Significantly, if you give your e-mails a personal identity, it will be a lot easier for you to employ storytelling in your e-mails.

5. Make the Most of Analytic Tools

Use analytic tools to figure-out the efficiency of your e-mail marketing drives. Use the data collected to shape your new course of action, for improved results.

Follow these tips to make the most of the powerful digital marketing tool called e-mail marketing!

Steal a march over your competition, and improve your business fortunes!

Get in touch with the professionals, if you don’t have the time, or can’t do it on your own. Some well-known and experienced Digital Marketing and Website Development & Designing firms–like InfoSpry—can help you gallop ahead.

They have a team of highly skilled copywriting and graphic designing & development professionals. They can help you engage your customers and prospects, in the most fruitful way, through their innovative & result-oriented e-mail marketing drives.