5 Common Misconceptions About Web Development

5 Common Misconceptions About Web Development

With increasing users on web, businesses are trying to take hold of a prominent space on web. They are looking for having a website that not just speaks for the brand but helps grabbing major user attention.

However, what fails them is their lack of understanding towards developing a website. They try to put in self decerned efforts towards developing the website and are unable to recognise the importance of getting the website developed from a professional developer owing to some major misconceptions. Some of them are discussed below in this blog –Website Development is a No Skill Job

Website Development is a No Skill Job – One of the major misconceptions about regarding web development is that it is a “piece of cake”! And that it does not need any professional knowledge. However, this is not the case. Some websites do appear simple in design and seems like it does not involve much of the work but it requires a lot of programming efforts and time to develope even a simple looking website. 

It’s a Unified Affair – Some organizations think it requires everyone to be on same page and stay updated with everything involved in web development process. However, that is just sheer waste of time. Instead of calling everyone in the meeting and keeping them updated with the efforts, it is better to call for only the people who are initially involved in the process to brainstorm and find better solutions.  

Website is a Product – The introduction of templates required for the designing of website have made the business people think that website is like a commodity. One can take advantage of the already created templates for their business, but those does not survive for a very long time. Hence, web development is a process that’s best get recognised by the professional web developers. 

Web Development is One time Business – Web development is definitely not a one time business as it requires maintenance for continuously making profits. People often hire web development companies to keep monitoring the performance of their website and ensure that it keeps working in favor of business without any glitches. To be able to make continuous profits in your business via website, it is important to keep updating it with fresh content and make sure that it functions properly.

Anyone Can Create a Great User Experience – Building a website is a process that needs learning and a lot of understanding of the technical aspects of website development. One can not makeAnyone Can Create a Great User Experience it with just basic information on web design. There are a lot of integral system that are integrated to get one successful platform. Hence, only a professional developer can get you best experience with your website.


From designing to development there needs to be the required professional approach for making an effective and impressive online presence. There are some technical codes that only a professional web developer would know best and can get you the desired website for your brand. Web developers will help you achieve your business goals through understanding your vision and objective with the website. They’re knowledgeable and experienced personnel who can help you convert visitors into loyal consumers for your brand. 

Website Maintenance Concept and Importance

Website Maintenance : Concept and Importance

The concept 

Your website is reflection of your business online, it represents what your brand stands for! Being a part of global platform, users’ perception for your brand would majorly get resonated from your website. Therefore, maintaining a website holds a lot of importance for it is going to offer real time service to the users. It will let user comprehend what your brand actually stand for at the very moment. Maintaining your website would help you attract and retain consumers for your brand. It further facilitates in wielding the scope of your website that can help you in preserving your search engine rankings.

  • Key to Progress for An Online Business

    Key to Progress for An Online Business

The world of web is ever changing and the technological practices are evolving every second hour. In order to let people find you on web or to stay in the top searches of the search engines it is important that you always  remain updated. Website maintenance can help in progressing businesses through bringing in the latest state of technology, managing the website and making it more user friendly. 

A well maintained website for being relevant to user seeks major user attention, being updated with all the latest features increases the site’s credibility and decreases the risk of technical failures. All these benefits instigates positive effect on search engines and thus promotes profits in business. 

Importance of Maintaining a Website 

Improved User Experience – Success don’t come easy, it takes a lot of patience, consistency in efforts and lot of hard work. Your website could have been the best version when launched and could even be getting you the right amount of business but a simple update say a plugin can add more kink in the process. Sometimes, there are additions that are not made in the initial phase can now be added for better performance. 

Secure Your Website – Cyber crime is common these days and many a times we see websites getting hacked or facing a lot of other security issues. In such a scenario, maintaining the website provide you an upper hand and protects your website from online thefts. Be it themes to plugins, updates are often executed to patch security loopholes. If a website is not timely updated it becomes vulnerable to web thefts including website hacking, malware and to the viruses. 

Importance of Maintaining a Website

Saves The Cost – Maintaining website is like getting timely service for your car in order to prevent any major fallout that causes to repair the part from scratch or engine in future. Timely maintaining your website would help you provides browser support, review your tags, upgrades the technical aspects and even works on bug fixing. Additionally, it helps in keeping your site running smoothly so you can make money without any unwanted interruptions.

The Bottom Line 

Website maintenance is requisite for a smooth functioning and profit generating website. The great benefits of the maintenance process often outweigh the little money it takes as the same is going to make breaking affect on profit margin.

Significance of UX Design for a Website

Significance of UX Design for a Website

Earlier, designing the website was all about getting an appealing design, smooth accessibility and an easy to use format. However, today designers focus on providing memorable user experience through the websites involving UX designs, in other words User Experience Designs. UX design is crucial for a great user experience involving access to latest technology features and the design that invites user over and over again. 

Frank Chimero explained it right through a quote that says – “People ignore designs that ignore people”! Therefore, it is important to consider users’ need in order to achieve success for your website.

UX Design – The Definition

UX is basically how a person feels when interfacing the website or any other web application, software etc. The interaction that human does 

with a system is what we call a user experience(UX). A good UX design is about making technology more user friendly and accessible to enhance users’ experience with the design. UX is crucial to a website as it helps in engaging consumers towards the platform. Keeping the data memorable would help you grab loyal customers for your brand and products. UX Design - The Significance

The major reason to include UX features to an online application is to simplify user journey getting rid of all the necessary elements.

UX Design – The Significance

Modern technological scenario have become so competitive and elusive  that even the most creative and intuitive designs don’t make an impact. UX design plays rather major role in success of a web application as it helps in making the first positive impression on the online users. In other words ‘The better the interaction of a website with the user, the more trust user will have on the brand’. 

UX design is not just about aesthetics, its about usability. Its about lasting human interaction, and if a website is not fulfilling the purpose, then it still needs work. 

What Makes a great UX Design : The Components

Getting the perfect UX oriented design for a website is a task in itself. It requires better understanding of the users on web, technological aspects and the designing patterns that are followed on web. Sometimes, designers find it hard to translate into user centric design even after being aware of all the UX elements. Thus, to put it simple, here are the things you should do to achieve a successful UX design –

  • Design keeping in mind users’ feedback and specification collected over web.
  • Avoid cognitive load, add more personal touch for the design
  • Make sure that the design is easy to access for the users
  • The design should have scope for users 

UX design plays an important role in success of any business online.

Summing Up

UX design plays an important role in success of any business online. However, its the user’s reaction and satisfaction that make UX design a winner. It is important that a website is easy to navigate and is accessible in anyway to be able to grab user attention for a business. If a user goes through your website and find a number of hitches or witness any usability issues with the design then the chances are that you will lose a probable consumer for your brand. Hence, UX design is an essential element for the development of any website.


Parallax Scrolling vs Infinite Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling vs Infinite Scrolling

For a website, its the design that holds the foremost importance followed by coding and other functional aspects. An appealing website design can help you grab maximum user attention and make them stay long enough to draw its benefits for the business. While there are a lot of website designing aspects that constitutes for an impressive interface, a delightful scrolling experience certainly improves the user experience with the website. Talking about the website scrolling patterns, the two major types that are in trend these days includes – parallax scrolling and infinite scrolling. In this blog we are going to discuss about the two most trending scrolling techniques for a website and fathom the purpose they serve.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax is more structured scrolling technique with the content being  prearranged is applied in most of the website these days. As the users scroll up and down through the website the content of the background moves independently at different speed than the content on the foreground. Parallax effect creates the illusion of depth and immersion into the content just like the three dimensional effect while the user scrolls through the website.

Noticeable Features

Parallax scrolling helps makes any website more dynamic and interactive. However, the scrolling type goes well with websites with finite amount of content that although integrated in a simple way would turn into something more persuasive. It can be used with a variety of content including texts, images, graphics and even animations. Also, the type of scrolling solution does not allows you to disperse content. Once the parallax scrolling is implement to the website, it is difficult to modify it. There is no or little SEO value with parallax and user behavior is difficult to track via website analytics software. 

Additionally, the parallax effect is more creative when it comes to scrolling, especially when crafted with animations provides the most memorable experience. The style lends the most confirming storytelling experience attracting user attention and stimulating with better visuals.

Infinite Scrolling

Running successfully on social media sites such as twitter, infinite scrolling technique suits the websites with large content that enable users to conduct quick search. As the user scrolls from up to down the content loads continuously eliminating the need to mark different pages. Although, the scrolling technique is quite engaging for users, it does not suit eInfinite Scrollingvery website.  It works great for single page website with the content worth few turns, like in case of image galleries. With infinite scrolling technique user can scroll till reached to the relevant piece of content. 

Noticeable Features 

The endless scrolling feature in infinite scrolling would work best for E-commerce websites for that would make it easier to find the type of food user is looking for more quickly, however it is not recommended for goal oriented website where users visit while looking for specific tasks. Moreover,  it is very difficult to get back to the earlier found item on an extremely long page once you scroll down the long segment. 

While infinite scrolling may sound exciting for being able to reduce the need for clicking while browsing content, it is important to keep in mind that not every user has the same outlook. Some of them might feel too overwhelmed with the amount of never ending choices or simply because of not being able to click anything, especially people who need specific information and expect the content to be classified as per their relevance. 


While infinite scrolling serves the purpose of users who are there with the mindset of having little exploration and discovery, parallax scrolling offer user more synchronized and formatted experience with the content. Both of them have their specific usage depending upon the type of website it is and the kind of users it target. There are equal opportunities and limitations attached with each one of them, its just the matter of choice and work!


Mastering The Art of Web Development

Mastering The Art of Web Development

In the age of world wide web, web development is one of the major professions to profess. Web developers are responsible for building, designing and implementing internet websites. From aesthetic properties to technical considerations everything related to the website is looked after by a web developer. One of the most challenging part of the job is to stay updated with the constantly emerging technology and the functional aspects of a website. Web developers are required to be equipped with the variety of programming languages and web technologies in order to provide best of their efforts. However, the urge to stay updated with the constantly evolving aspects of web development is what this blog is all about. Given below are some of the ways of how one can master the art of web development. The step would also help an amateur who wants to learns on how to inhibit the web development art as a newbie.Developing a Specialization

Developing a Specialization – Developing a website is complex job, While it certainly requires you to learn coding languages independently, web development is more than usual set of codes. One needs to be proficient with software programs which includes java script frameworks, version control CSS. Before starting with the web development process it is wise to get an understanding of web development process on the whole and the type that will work for you for better understanding. These include interface design, mobile application development or front-end development etc.

Learning and Training – While there is no specific career path or degree required to become a web developer, it certainly requires you to get formal education that can get you the perspective on which a web developer work. Web development is definitely more than just coding. It is important to get exposed to the situations in a project that encourages critical thinking and require problem solving. There are various short-term, intensive training options available for students to gain professional coding skills improving the chances of having successful career. 

Time to Acquire Technical Skills – Although having an organized eduction skills can get you some of the great job opportunities, it is important to have concrete skills for a successful web developer. Companies want professional web development agency who can build websites with their creative and intuitive skills and not someone who just learned it theoretically. They want to work with someone who can do the job practically, how and where are secondary if you are capable of doing it effectively. There are three core components in programming -HTML, CSS and JavaScript. CSS and CSS frameworks such as Backbone, Bootstrap and Foundation are the pother major requirements for an efficient web developer. Lastly, there are back end languages such as Ruby, Java, PHP and tools including Oracle and SQL Server that a must know to be a proficient developer. 

Practice Coding – Web develPractice Codingopment is not just a profession it is a skill that gets better through practicing. Practice coding and demonstrate your body of work through GitHub account. Git help prepare developers for managing complicated site and applications. Not just that, it can also help you to get the attention of employers who can work for their esteemed projects.  

Time to Set Your Online Project – Employers are not just looking for professionals, they are looking for professionals who can get them results!   Learning and training in any professional field is crucial and so is launching your own project. After all, that is what going to help you build your resume and being liked by the employers.  

Digital Marketing 2019 A Year Full Of Noticeable Discoveries

Digital Marketing 2019: A Year Full Of noticeable Discoveries

Digital Marketing is undisputedly the most powerful means of advancing success to any online business. Certainly, its the quality of your products and services which is actually going to speak for your brand, digital marketing lends you the way to initially introduce your brand into consumers life for being able to speak for itself over the time. Besides, with the increasing competition in market, there is even more need to advertise  or market in order to grab required attention for the brand. 

Seeking the importance of internet marketing for online business, a lot of technological advancement are introduced every year. Last year was full of some of major innovations in digital marketing, 2019 seems to be even more promising. Let us check out some of the major discoveries in the world of internet marketing for the year 2019.

  1. Omni-Channel Marketing – Even though Multi-Channel marketing was doing good, it didn’t serve the entire purpose that led to the development of Omni-channel marketing. Omni-channel marketing is more systematic approach with the intent of creating more unified communication system. The form of marketing offers to have consistent communication process to prospects and customers across all channels including social media, through emails, chats, mobile phones or even through the store. The same will helps you keep a track of the prospect’s interactions via different channels. The same would make consumers feel that you care for them and eventually it turn them into sales qualified lead.
  2. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – Artificial intelligence is another major initiation making its way in the marketing world working through customer segmentation, retargeting, push notifications, click tracking and through a lot of possible combinations. Using AI and machine learning when personalized and equipped in business can help you achieve your business goals and increase the sales lead. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence
  3. Chatbots – Interaction with consumers or communicating about the brand in public is a major part of any business.

    Going by the famous quote “ you are what you share” clearly conveys the importance of communication in business with the view to market your product and services. While social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram are the leading platforms for advertising these days, they alone are not enough. This is what led to the introduction of chatbots on the websites. Chatbots helps in interacting with the website visitors and serve to their queries in the best way possible. Additionally, the introduction of artificial intelligence have further improved these chatbots through adding the advance customer support system representing the business just like a human. 

  4. Personalization – Personalized marketing is another essential apart of modern marketing techniques. While consumers are flooded with countless brand messages everyday from companies trying to win over each other, personalization can help you cut through the noise. Personalizing is a process of tailoring your marketing messages to make it more specific for an individual or a group. For example, you can send personalized emails to your target audience in order to grab their interest for your brand. 
  5. Video Marketing – The increasing usage of smart phones and the online platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Facebook Live have made videos the leading trend among consumers. Utilizing the trend for advertising your business would help you target your audience in a better way. Live videos are very popular among online users can help you draw maximum attention for your brand. You can make live videos while launching your new product or for any industry related event in odigital marketing trendsrder to grab and hold the consumers attention and in the process you can interest them for your brand. 

The closure

2019 is definitely the year for the evolution of some major digital marketing trends. All these evolutions are the clear example of the transforming and expanding algorithms in online marketing. Although the above mentioned innovations are the big winners of the changing algorithms in digital marketing, there is definitely more to look forward in this year.